Our cattery is made up of 14 cat pens suitable for housing single, pairs or groups of cats. Each pen has heated cat beds, and you are welcome to bring along any bedding, toys or scratch posts for your cats' stay.


Each pen has a shelf off the floor accessed by a chair or a ramp for less agile cats, as well as a personal window for sunbathing and watching outside.


We can provide a dry and wet food (Iams and Purina dry, as well as Whiskas and Felix pouches. We also have Felix as good at it looks, and a selection of pates and fish for the fussier feline) or you can bring the food that your cat is on at home.


All of our feline residents will get exercise sessions and play time with our staff every day. We are more than happy to administer medication at no extra charge. We are comfortable and well-practised at administering tablets and medicine, and are able to safely use a pill gun with as little stress as possible.



Our cat pens are cleaned twice daily, as well as water being changed and refreshed at least twice a day. Pens are scrubbed in between guests with a DEFRA approved high level disinfectant and virucide.


We love cats and understand that they all have their own characters and personalities. We are able to offer a safe and enjoyable stay, no matter what their temperament. We are able to give cuddly kitties lots of affection and playtime, or leave the more independent moggies with more space.





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